A Summer in NYC with The Other Side

by Madina and Dunia, June 2015

With both feet in, we jumped into a beautiful opportunity to share our time with The Other Side NYC.

Our names are Madina and Dunia and we had the honour and pleasure of working with The Other Side NYC this summer! Although we had visited the US in the past on multiple occasions (together and separately), neither one of us had been to NYC, and we have to say, we LOVED all the fantastic work being done on the grassroots level!

Our strong sense of conviction and deep motivation are what led us to NYC, our curiosity led us to this organization, and the multicultural and interactive aspects of The Other Side anchored us to it.

Our experiences back home in London, Ontario, Canada were diverse. We came to The Other Side with combined skill sets of research, event organizing, fundraising, financial bookkeeping and accounting. The time we spent working with The Other Side will not only serve as a valuable learning experience in our professional lives, but also as a solid lesson in inclusion, creativity and multiculturalism in our personal lives. We absolutely advise, without reservation, anyone and everyone to get involved with The Other Side in one way or another! Being a part of something bigger really puts your role in the community into perspective.

To us, The Other Side NYC is a singular outlet where young girls can find and amplify their voices, where lasting friendships and made, and where exciting experiences opened countless doors. It is our hope that future generations will enjoy a world where diversity is celebrated and enjoyed – we believe that organizations like The Other Side NYC pave the path that will lead us to such a world.


Thank you for such a great experience! Check out our individual bios here!