We collaborate with participating Ambassadors to keep pen pal theatre alive throughout the year. 


REENA RANA, ENGLISH TEACHER, Pardada-Pardadi Inter College


ReenaReena is a young & dynamic English teacher at Pardada Pardadi School. She holds a masters in English with a six years teaching experience. At Pardada Pardadi, she is a student favorite. Reena has a bold personality with smiling courage to face this male dominated world. She has a vision to travel the whole world. Reena thinks drama is an important process to show someone’s own thoughts and feelings to their society.  Drama works like a mirror to society and shows the reality of rural people. Through The Other Side, rural girls can show their problems and conditions to people through drama. Girls can effectively share their pain and stories with girls in New York City using drama.  Since working with The Other Side, Reena has improved her drama teaching capabilities. Reena sincerely feels that we can represent ourselves to others with drama.


CHANCHAL AGRAWAL, ENGLISH TEACHER, Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (B.S.P.E.S)


IMG_5326Chanchal is an English teacher at BSPES. She holds a bachelors degree in English. She also has a web design diploma. Chanchal’s nature is very friendly, so students love her. She is always looking for the future in her students. She likes singing, dancing and drama. She wants every student to have success in their life. She helps every student. She thinks The Other Side programme is a very helpful programme for girls. She wants to do something for students with The Other Side. The Other Side programme helps both teachers and students. The Other Side creates a friendship for students. It makes them have a strong mentality. Chanchal is feeling good with The Other Side.



PRIYANKA CHAUDHARY, ENGLISH TEACHER, Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (B.S.P.E.S)


My name is Priyanka Chaudhary. I am an English teacher. I am teaching in BSPES Jattari (Aligarh). I am a graduate. I am feeling good after joining The Other Side programs. My hobbies are reading & singing. I like to live very simple life.





SANJU ATTRI, COMPUTER AND TECHNOLOGY TEACHER, Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society (B.S.P.E.S)


I have a computer diploma from Aligarh. I have experience in technology and English from Pardada-Pardadi Educational Society (PPES).I have been teaching Computer skills in BSPES since January. I am very interested in computers and technology. I am also interested in meeting new people and sharing experiences, traveling, and listening to music.

Drama is a very interesting and very important process. In The Other Side, girls can show their problems and learn how to solve them. Communication skills improve from The Other Side because there are so many types of activities, like talking with New York City girls. I did The Other Side process twice as a participant at PPES, and the second time I was a teaching assistant. I am excited to be a lead teacher again.


PRASHANT SINGH, ENGLISH LAB TEACHER, Pardada-Pardadi Educaitonal Society


What I have observed over the time period amongst the girls groups with which you have been working is that they seem more confident and they started expressing themselves. The activities and lessons you do with them helps them to get rid of their shyness and hesitation. Also, your cross-cultural activities helps them to envision the bigger world and motivate them to be the part of that world. Along with many more developed personality traits, they become stronger at their English language skills which helps them to communicate with the world. Your Skype sessions help both countries’ students to understand the culture of each other and it helps them to be a global citizen.There are many other personality traits which students gain due to The Other Side work.

LYDIA ACHIENG, MENTOR, PolyCom Development Project


My name is Lydia Achieng. I am eighteen years old. Right now I am a volunteer at PolyCom Development Project as a mentor. This is an organization that helps girls to manage their lives positively despite all the challenges they might be undergoing. My dream job has always been to be one of the best IT experts in the world.




BRENDA KALECHE, MENTOR, PolyCom Development Project


Hi, my name is Brenda Kaleche I work in polycom as a mentor whereby polycom is an organization that deals with empowering young girls and also fighting violence against women.It also introduces talking boxes in schools where girls can express themselves without any fear. They write a note and drop it in a talking box then we the mentors try to find a solution and when we find a very sensitive story we try to trace the student. I Am also working as a teacher in The Other Side project which was introduced in polycom by Melanie Closs this year on December 2nd. The Other Side is all about empowering girls globally using drama. During The Other Side classes girls are able to create a cross-cultural exchange of dramatic storytelling amongst girls which support their common experience, inspires leadership and develop community .In this class we always start with a game, like this week we played  ‘Walk stop’. Then we asked who the inspiring woman of the week was. Then we move on to the question of the week which was “What is something you wish you could wear/look like but think people would judge you?” and the students drew their choices and the class was very active and enjoyable! The students are very happy about the other side because they have found a new way of expressing themselves especially the dramatic way.


IRINE AWOUR, MENTOR, PolyCom Development Project


I’m Irene Awuor, I’m 17 and a mentor at polycom development project.I currently live in Kibera,Nairobi. Since December 2nd after being introduced to Melanie Closs,I decided to volunteer with The Other Side Project. In order to get the chance to interact  and share my ideas with the girls globally through drama exchange. I hope for the best for The Other side project as we continue working together.





Actor, facilitator, life coach, radio producer and host and forest therapy guide; an archaeologist of people, places and things; I am all this and more. Claiming my renaissance soul is part of my journey.

I’ve been curious about conversation for some time now; real conversation, deep conversation; conversation without answers – unless there are some – believing it’s the only thing that can save us.

As producer and host of Voice of Evolution Radio, I engage in deep conversation with changemakers, conscious Evolutionaries who are following their purpose to create compassionate and sustainable change in their worlds.

As a professional certified life coach, I work with perspective and purpose; the stories we make up about ourselves, others and the world.

I am a Bigger Game certified trainer, an Awakening the Dreamer trainer through the Pachamama Alliance and a volunteer moderator for the Pachamama Alliance’s Game Changer Intensive. I’ve just begun a forest therapy guide certification through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides to take people into nature to find real connection.