Fabulous Femmes: Iris, Neve, and Luna

by Grace Easterly, November 2015



Our Fabulous Femmes for this week are three participants who will be performing in The Other Side’s upcoming Winter Festival on December 12 at 3PM at Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn. Coming from elementary and middle schools around New York City, Neve is a fourth grader, Luna is a fifth grader, and Iris a seventh grader.

I interviewed them during our rehearsal for the Winter Festival:IMG_3933

Have you had experiences with The Other Side in the past? What are some of your favorite memories?

Iris: I started with The Other Side when I was ten. My favorite things were skits. There was a skit back when I was in elementary school about a girl that wasn’t allowed to go to college. I also like the games, like the walk/stop game.

Luna: Yes! Last time I did some skits about how boys and girls aren’t that much different. Like how pink is a girls’ color and blue is a boys’ color. I talked to the Indian girls and we wrote letters. Sometimes we made skits about what it was like to be them.

Neve: This is my first time at The Other Side.

Is there something that stuck out to you today while we were talking? What was your favorite part of the day?

Neve: I really like skit building, like building the frame of the skit about Malala… about a girl and a group of people that didn’t agree with her, but she survived and is now very popular.

Iris: I was surprised how many of the younger girls know about rape culture and sexual harassment. I know usually parents don’t like to help or talk about stuff like that. And I really liked the part when we talked about IMG_3938catcalling because that’s an important topic a lot of people don’t study. I also really enjoyed talking about famous women.

Who are some of the famous women you admire?

Iris: Stevie Nicks, Gloria Steinem, Dorothy Pittman Hughes, and Nellie Bly. Nellie Bly was the first women to travel around the world in eighty days. And Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pittman Hughes were big activists. Also Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer and did a lot for soldiers in the war.

Neve: My favorite is Michelle Obama, but I wanted to do the skit about Malala.

What were some of the characteristics you like about these women?

Neve: I think Malala is interesting because she’s from a different country, and I wanted to do something to spread around the world.

Iris: They’re all strong women who aren’t afraid to fight.

Have any of you ever taken the after school classes with The Other Side?

20151111_133921Luna: Yes I did last year.

What would you say to a girl thinking about taking these classes?

Luna: They’re fun and exciting… lots of activities and artwork… very exciting… It’s a good source for getting your mind off your chest. You can say some things you want to say and it’s a good time to express yourself.

Iris: Mostly if you’re up on women’s rights you should take them. I honestly think every girl should go. It’s a unique experience that not everybody gets to have. It also gives a lot of opportunities for girls in India… we Skyped with them.

So how do you all feel about the upcoming Winter Festival?

Luna: Nervous, but still excited.

Neve: A lot of other people have dances, they’re singing songs, playing guitar and ukulele, everything.

Iris: I’m excited! I’m singing a song that I like called “I’m Not a Robot.”

What does that song mean to you?

Basically what it means is that you can’t control me, you can’t wire me to do things that you want me to do. You can’t program me to think a certain way and we’re all human.


Thank you all for letting me interview you! You can go back to rehearsing for our Winter Festival!

The Other Side Winter Festival: December 12th 3PM at the Packer Collegiate Institute, Brooklyn