Juleydy’s Blog Post


by Juleydy Guerrero, May 2015

My name is Juleydy Guerrero, I go to international high school and I have been interning with The Other Side since February 25 with my partner Axelle.

I have been working with Ms Melanie and other staff members.  Nicole Jackson is the Development Director and Teaching Artist. She focuses on fund raising.


Yunya Lin is an Accountant, She taught us how to put the money The Other Side spends or recieves in a spreadsheet. That was my favorite part because I like organizing things. She also taught us how to apply for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status using the 1023-EZ form.


Liz Morgan is a Teaching Artist,  She wanted me to translate her lessons in Spanish because she was working with Spanish speaking students who had problems understanding English. She also wanted to know how to pronounce some words so she could communicate with them.

Finally, Melanie Closs is the Founder and Director, We worked with her to help her with social media advertising and other tasks like sending emails to other people, We also went to performances with the girls she was working with.


Accounting was my favorite thing to do because it helped me to be organized with things and not be messy, Also, thanks to Ms Regina (Regina Mian) my Internship teacher from IHS who put me in contact with The Other Side. I also learned how to make flyers and forms. This will help me with other work for my school and even for college .

I enjoyed working with The Other Side because it helped me to understand that many girls are trying to communicate, share their feelings and get knowledge of each other’s countries .

In my internship, one job I had was to type some evaluations from the girls in India. While I was reading some of them, I took some of their quotes that inspired me,

Here are the quotes:

“Don’t let people control you, Be yourself as usual.”

I got inspired by this because they are saying that you have to be the person that you want to be. Not the person that others want you to be, No one has the right to control your dreams because you are the only one who can live them.

“Dont tell people your dreams. SHOW THEM!”

Sometimes you can have a dream that you are trying to make a reality, But sometimes you tell your dreams to friends, even parents, and they just want you to face reality. But if you show them what you can you do, for sure you can demonstrate everything you have .



Thanks to those quotes found from the girls of The Other Side, I feel comfortable and also affirms who I am and who I want to be.

Well this is all about what I learned. It was great to know the opinions of the girls from India and for them to share ideas about their feelings. They give us a little information about their life in India.