News from The Other Side

Bandana Kumari: Winter Festival 2016 Guest of Honor, by Melanie Closs and Bandana Kumari, October 2016


Summer Recap, 2016 by Joanna Seifter and Melanie Closs, September 2016


The Other Side in Anupshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India by Melanie Closs, April 2015


Hello from The Other Side: the February Challenge by Grace Easterly, February 2016


Winter Festival 2015 Guest of Honor: Samantha Cornwell, December 2015


Fabulous Femmes: Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Laureate and Pakistani Advocate for Global Girls’ Education, November 2015


Fabulous Femmes: Iris, Neve, and Luna by Grace Easterly, November 2015


That’s Just The Way It Is: My Voice of Evolution Radio Exchange by Alanna Ginsberg, August 2015


A Summer in NYC with The Other Side by Madina and Dunia, June 2015


Juleydy’s Blog Post by Juleydy Guerrero, May 2015


The Other Side Celebrates International Women’s Day 2015 by Axelle Seri, March 2015


Workshop at Staten Island MakerSpace by Lakota Serpica, February 2015


Experiences: The Importance of Educating Girls by Melanie Closs, March 2014


Experiences: International Women’s Day in Anupshahr 2014 by Melanie Closs, March 2014


Experiences: First 5 Days in Anupshahr by Melanie Closs, March 2014


LISTEN: From Participant to Intern: How LISTEN Has Inspired Me by Maryam, July 2013


LISTEN: Katherine’s LISTEN Experience by Katherine Kotowski, July 2013


LISTEN: My Experiences and What I Learned by Joanna Seifter, May 2013






Video from Anupshahr: The Pinki Story


The Other Side video to Chile