Our Unique Exchange Curriculum

Our programs are unique in that we have two groups of about 20 girls, from different international locations in underserved communities, carrying out the same curriculum at the same time. Each group is led by a trained teaching artist who implements our community-tailored curriculum, and sends photos, videos, writing, and art back and forth. Each week, the two groups cover the same topics, and share their ideas. The groups are broken down into smaller groups called “twins”, for example 5 girls from The Bronx are paired with 5 girls from Anupshahr, so they learn more about each individual within that smaller group.


Key Points

-Safe Space

-Creative expression

-Exploration of what “girl” means in the context of your own community

-Exploration of what “girl” means in the context of an international community- through exchange

-Final performance

-Empathy, Leadership, Community building, Confidence


Each day includes:

Question of the week


Sharing from sister group

Sharing for sister group

Closeout game


*some groups with more time can spend time each class on Inspiring Women, Quotes, visiting artists, and other activities.


Our Five Steps are:

  1. Change The World: If you could change the world, what would you change?


  1. Clothes: What is something you wish you could wear/look like, but think people would judge you?  


  1. Expectations for Girls: What are expectations, stereotypes, or problems for girls in your community?


  1. Making Connections: If you could ask one girl in your twin group a question, what would you ask?


  1. Playmaking: Turn what we’ve learned into a performance.


Supporting activities include:


Safe Space

The curriculum begins by creating a safe space for participants to express themselves. The games help with this, but we also have an intentional discussion and create a permanent list on a poster of agreements. The class will refer to these agreements throughout the duration of the workshop.


Questions, Quotes, Inspiring Women

Students exchange photos of individual students and answers to the Question of the Day. Each class, students answer a new question with words and drawings, and review the answers from the previous question from the international group. Learn about a new Inspiring Woman and accompanying Quote of the Day.



Every day, we play a game. These games are meant to de-mechanize the participants, inspire creativity, and let loose inhibitions. Some games also inspire important discussions about women’s rights.



The group is broken into smaller groups and each small group is matched with a smaller group in the participating country.


Twin groups explore shared work from USA and share their own questions and important problems for girls in their community, using image theatre.



“The Other Side is a place for girls to step outside their comfort zone and bubble and gain a global understanding of women’s issues. They build a female-centered community with the guidance of skilled and qualified teaching artists and hands-on experiences.”

  • David Baiz, Principal, Global Technology Preparatory, East Harlem, NY

“What I have observed over the time period amongst the girls groups with which you have been working is that they seem more confident and they started expressing themselves. The activities and lessons you do with them helps them to get rid of their shyness and hesitation. Also, your cross-cultural activities helps them to envision the bigger world and motivate them to be the part of that world. Along with many more developed personality traits, they become stronger at their English language skills which helps them to communicate with the world. Your Skype sessions help both countries’ students to understand the culture of each other and it helps them to be a global citizen.There are many other personality traits which students gain due to The Other Side work.

Thank you so much for all that you and your team have been doing!”

  • Prashant Chaudhary, English Lab Department Head, Anupshahr, India