The Other Side celebrates International Women’s Day 2015

by Axelle Seri, March 2015

Hello my name is Axelle. I am an intern from International High School at Union Square.

Axelle pics

In my first week of internship for The Other Side Intercultural Theatre, I watched the performance for International Women’s Day at Global Tech Prep. The 6th grade girls were performing their different ideas using dance, song, and speeches about women’s rights.


We also had a guest of honor. Her name is  Jerin Arifa. She is the President of the first Virtual Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) and served on the NOW National Board and Young Feminist Task Force in the past.


Another guest was the Ubuntu Community Choir who sang with the girls.


At the end people were writing on a poster that our students made for the girls in India. They wrote special messages that will be given to the girls in India. We also had a table of t-shirts for The Other Side and other products from India for sale.


Special thanks to our sponsors Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg, and the Kind company.