August 14th Zoom Club Showcase

The Other Side Student Showcase, August 14th, 2020

“Girls, your other side family is so proud of all of you!”

-Kerri Lindstrom, Advisory Board member, Showcase guest

Thank you to our students who shared about their lives, their hopes, their dreams, and their support for girls around the world.

Thank you to our team who put together a wonderful event, and thank you to all the supporters who showed up to give their energy and time for sisterhood!

Thank you also to Pardada-Pardadi and especially Renuka Gupta who has supported The Other Side over the years in hosting our program at your school. Renuka thank you for your kind words at the event!

Girls around the world are in need of social and emotional support during this disconnected time. Your tickets and donations will directly support our theatre services fostering connectivity and creative expression for the underserved communities we work with.

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