Our curriculum allows girls to grow through many forms of creative expression, as well as the use of technology to connect with girls in other countries. Previous partnering schools and community members inform us that girls who have participated in The Other Side workshops have more positive attitudes toward their peers and other cultures, a better understanding of their potential to create change as individuals and as a group, and a greater ability to express their feelings.

The Other Side places heavy emphasis on understanding the nature of communities–both here in New York City and in the schools we work with internationally. We spend time exploring the issues faced by our own community, as well as the community we exchange with through a variety of mechanisms. We acknowledge the intersections of oppression our participants may face, which often begins with gender and expands to include race, religion, socioeconomic status, and other forms of discrimination.

A typical day in our program includes theatre based activities, international communication, group discussion/support, a presentation and Q&A on the inspiring woman of the week, and the emphasis on our three core pillars: self esteem, empathy, and community. By creating improved global citizens, encouraging advocacy and artistry, and promoting a more supportive female environment, we hope to see our participants lead all of our communities to a better future.

We utilize our unique program to inspire confident, strong, creative, expressive, and empathetic young women. At the end of our semester there is a final performance, a day where students have the space to share poems, songs, stories, and any other forms of expression that will help voice what they have learned throughout their time with us.