The Other Side is a non profit organization which seeks to invest in girls all around the world. Our team is comprised of artists, educators, and those passionate about an equal world for girls and women. We create a cross-cultural exchange of dramatic storytelling amongst girls; supporting their common experience, inspiring leadership, and developing community. Our vision is to provide a safe space for girls in underserved communities to advocate for themselves and support each other.

Starting in 2013, our program has been implemented in several cities and countries. Through workshops and after school programs our curriculum has helped countless girls develop their self esteem, empathy, and sense of community. We deeply believe in our ability to bring an immeasurable positive difference to all of our participants. Our dream is for all women and girls to dream big, so naturally we have limitless dreams for their futures. Through creative process, new friendships, and the final performance, the girls and our teachers learn about each other, about themselves, and gain the confidence to create change in their communities and advocate for equality for girls worldwide.

In addition to dramatic training, which facilitates storytelling and confidence building, our distinctive techniques also teach the girls to identify oppressors, how to work around them to get what they need, and how to be positive leaders in the future.

courtesy of Groundswell Murals