Winter Festival 2015 Guest of Honor Samantha Cornwell

Samantha Profile Napeague

Our guest of honor at the Winter Festival this year is Samantha Cornwell!

Samantha Cornwell is a filmmaker, visual artist and writer residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is also an alumni of Packer Collegiate Institute, where our Winter Festival will be held!  Her work strives to find the visual sensuality in her subjects, using color and texture as an extension of their spirits. She has made music videos for Speculator, Love Like Deloreans, Psychik Handbook and others. She has shown artwork in spaces such as Public Fiction Gallery, This Must Be the Place Gallery, and Hunter East Harlem Gallery. 

Break the Branch is her first feature, and will be shown at the International Film Festival of Spirituality Religion and Visionary in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as the Delhi Women’s International Film Festival. Break the Branch is a documentary portrait of the women of the Pardada Pardadi Educational Society in rural Northern India.

10689780_1488121784788802_7151599544602022135_nIt is a true honor to be selected as the guest of honor for The Other Side Winter Festival this year. I have been involved with this organization since its early days, and it has been really a beautiful thing to watch it grow from a magical spark in Melanie Closs‘s imagination, into a multi faceted organization offering an important outlet for young girls to express themselves. If it weren’t for my work with The Other Side, I probably would not have ever made Break The Branch. I truly owe them a great debt of gratitude.

We look forward to having such an inspirational woman be our guest of honor.

Join us at the Winter Festival on December 12th at 3-5 PM at Packer Collegiate Institute  to hear her speak and see some of her film!