Workshop at Staten Island MakerSpace

By Lakota Serpica, February 2015

My name is Lakota Serpica, and I am ten years old. On Thursday, February 19, 2015 at Staten Island MakerSpace, there was a fun theater program. We played some fun games such as stop and walk, who is the leader, etc. We watched a video of girls in India putting on a performance on women’s rights. We spoke about girls rights and we put on a show about something that happened in our life that was unfair. I learned a lot about the girls in India and their rights.

My favorite part was sharing our play ideas because I liked hearing other girls’ thoughts on something we all found fun. I learned about girls’ education in India. I am very lucky to receive an education. This program was very fun. I had a great time putting on the performance and playing cool games. I hope this program will happen more often at MakerSpace.